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Embrace Agnihotra Lifestyle for Holistic Living


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What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra. Agni means FIRE and hotra means TO OFFER unto the fire to create a healing effect.

Agnihotra, also known as Homa Therapy or Fire Therapy, is a Vedic technique that enhances and nourishes human lives, creating an equilibrium between the nature within us and around us, by tuning our mind and body with the rhythm of nature. It’s a process of purification , whose positive results have been established by scientists, doctors, ecologists, both modern and ancient. Agnihotra is a fabulous and elementary healing therapy practiced by people worldwide, as it doesn’t have any religious or national nuances attached to it.

Agnihotra can be performed by anyone, anywhere, at home, in the garden, office, etc., in a clean and tidy environment. The process is tuned to the biorhythm corresponding with sunrise & sunset, hence Agnihotra is performed precisely at given local sunrise & sunset timings. Fire is prepared in a semi-pyramid shaped copper vessel. Two oblations of two pinch-full of rice smeared with Cow’s Ghee is offered in this fire; simultaneously two Vedic Mantras are chanted.

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