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Incenses containing Aromatic and Ayurvedic herbs have been used for healing and meditation. 
This practice is said to be a remnant of the science of Homes, A fragrant, 
pleasant & aromatic atmosphere is created helping you to meditate, heal, or relax. 
These are hand-blended into a Masala (paste form) as per traditional formula and are hand-rolled 
onto a bamboo stick.

Vishwa Aromas range of Incenses is manufactured in a cottage-industry as part of 
the Vishwa Foundation's Global initiatives that support employment and development work in rural India. 

Directions for use- Ignite the end of an incense stick and blow out the flame. Place it in a holder 
and enjoy it!! Burning time is up to 15-20 minutes. Please keep away from children and flammable surfaces, when lit. Not for consumption.

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