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Incense burning is a very ancient art. Burning of aromatic & medicinal herbs and other natural substances and thereby injecting fragrances and aroma in the atmosphere for healing and curative purposes has been an integral part of Ayurveda.  Copious references to its use are also  found in scriptures belonging to the Indian, Chinese, Roman, Egyptian ,American Indian  and various other ancient civilizations. The most ancient references to Incense burning are found in Vedas. The Veda’s state that Fire has the capacity to convert gross matter in to a subtler form and disperses it over a wider area. Burning of such aromatic substances manipulates the atmosphere in a positive way and is said to purify ‘Prana’ or Life Energy.  This Prana than soothes, heals and calms the mind-body complex. Incense is used effectively in Ayurveda to restore harmony to the psycho-physical constitution and increase the mode of goodness or Sattva. Ayurveda prescribes a number of Dhoops as they are stated to be possessing insecticidal ,antibacterial and many other healing properties.

Masala Incense-

India is blessed with a wide array of fragrant flora that stretches from the highest elevation of Himalayas down to the Indian Ocean. Each of the many different climate zones produces its  own plants with their own gift of fragrant flowers, balsamic woods and aromatic resins. No wonder India developed the whole culture of fragrance to its highest level and for centuries its fragrances were part of daily life. The people of India used fragrances for religious purposes, for medicinal purposes and for perfumes and beauty products. Preparation of Incense Sticks (Agarbathi) by rolling fragrant substances around a thin wooden stick has been a comparatively recent development. Powder parts of plants such as sandalwood, aloe, benzoin resins, spikenard roots, patchouli leaves and vetiver roots, etc are blened with pure essential oils and mixed with a bonding substance such as gum Arabic. This paste is either then hand rolled onto a bamboo stick or is made into a cone. The healing properties of these herbs is released into atmosphere when the Incense is lit.   

Our Incense sticks are manufactured in the Shivpuri Ashram, Akkalkot, India. Great care has been taken to select the finest quality ingredients. These are blended into a paste form (masala) and are hand rolled onto bamboo sticks in a cottage industry that provides jobs for destitute women in rural India.

Directions for use- Place the Incense Burner on a flat and dry surface. Make sure no flammable object is nearby. Light the Incense with a match. Blow out the flame and place the Incense on the burner.

Burning time- 15-20 mins

Caution- Keep away from children.

Storage- Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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